In this episode, Bill Banham and Chris Bjorling talk about why happier leaders tend to perform better and get more engagement from their colleagues.

They are joined by Tia Graham, Founder of Arrive At Happy and author of the new book Be a Happy Leader. Throughout its pages, strategies andtactics are provided which include the use of positive psychology, having abroad perspective, executing quickly, creating strong relationships, measuringwhat matters, and being the spark in the team.

Listen as we talk about ways to encourageleaders to be happier and the knock-on effects on employee engagement, companyculture, and the bottom line.

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Questions Include:

  • What does happiness mean to you and how do you try to live a mentally and physically healthy, thriving life?
  • Talk about leveraging happiness to achieve higher performance. How can happy employees provide higher ROI?
  • Your book is geared at leaders. What unique stresses have been placed on leaders since the outbreak of Covid?
  • You say it’s important for leaders to have clear, scientific data to support incorporating the science of happiness into their lives and careers. What people analytics metrics are you talking about?
  • From team member turnover to stakeholders’ high expectations, leading a team within an organization can take over your life. In your 8-step method, readers will have inspiration, strategies and tools to achieve amazing results – in all areas of their life.” Can you take a few minutes and talk about the 8 steps?
  • Can you share one piece of advice or some direction you were given by a mentor, leader or colleague that inspired you to perform at a higher level in your career

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