In this week’s episode of the People and Performance Podcast, Bill Banham talks with Joey Price, entrepreneur, CEO at Jumpstart:HR, AI Ethics Advisory Board Member at Arena Analytics, and Host of the awesome While We Were Working Podcast.

Listen as Joey shares HR digital transformation strategies andhow a digital transformation can accelerate business growth and encourage higher employee performance.

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Questions For Joey Include:

  • Tell us about the While We Were Working Podcast. The focus is about helping teams build great culture
  • You recently released a video in which you and Sommer discuss the best HR digital transformation strategies for small businesses. The conversation covers four areas. Tell us about each of teh areas:
    1. Painless HR digital transformation strategy
    2. The top benefits of going digital
    3. How a digital transformation can accelerate business growth
    4. Must-know HR technologies
  • Can you share one piece of advice or some direction you were given by a mentor, leader or colleague that inspired you to perform at a higher level in your career?

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