In episode two of the fifth season, Bill Banham and Chris Bjorling talk with Kelly Kauffman, Chief Human Capital Officer for the 2021 World Champion Milwaukee Bucks, a sports and entertainment organization in the National Basketball Association.

With over 20 years of HR experience, Kelly joined the Bucks staff as a Human Resources executive with the task of creating the organization’s first human resources department from the ground up.

Listen as Kelly shares her experiences of building the HR function at a major sports brand. Kelly also offers her approach to inspiring high performance from those around her.

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Questions For Kelly:

  • You brought the Bucks out of administrative troubles by building its HR team from scratch. What were some of the biggest challenges associated with creating an HR program from the ground up?
  • What were some of the biggest opportunities, too? When designing how the HR team should function, what can a blank slate mean for a leader with aspirations to improve team Putting the processes in place to maximize the success of Bucks staff is one thing, being an inspiring leader is something else. How do you like to inspire your colleagues and reports?
  • CHRIS: Can you share one piece of advice or some direction you were given by a mentor, leader or colleague that inspired you to perform at a higher level in your career?
  • How can you create a culture of asking questions?

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