Skills-Based Hiring and What Candidates Expect to See in a Job Spec

When used in the right ways, the job profile is another handy tool in the HR toolbox. Job profiles can provide a good explanation of the components of a job and what you are seeking in an employee when they are posted with your job openings on your recruiting website.

In this conversation, Bill Banham and I focus on how we can use job profiles in ways that recognize the changes brought on by a post-pandemic approach to employment.

Listen as we discuss how to recruit employees better, new approaches to defining jobs, and providing direction for employees with new priorities. We’ll also explore the bonus benefits of online job descriptions like their impact on your employer brand.

Our guest expert in episode three is Serge Boudreau, Founder and Co-Host of the popular Recruitment and HR podcast, The Recruitment Flex. The podcast is all things recruitment – from the latest trends, industry news, technology, helpful tips, and interviews with some of the biggest globally recognized names in the recruitment industry.

Serge has spent over 15 years in the recruitment space including 10 years working for recruitment technology companies. He has held the title of Director for Western Canada for Workopolis and at Indeed. Serge has led recruitment teams for several well-known brands. Most recently, Serge was Director of Talent Acquisition at Robots and Pencils.


Listen and learn:

  • What goes into creating a competency-based job profile? What due diligence is needed when developing a job description?
  • In a WFH world, how can the job profile help to ensure employees better understand and connect with their role? 
  • How does the job description complement the job profile? 
  • What are some of the most in-demand skills right now?
  • How can we inject a feel for the company culture within a job profile? 

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Episode 4 Preview