Why HR Needs to Get to Grips with People Analytics

Traditionally in HR, the unit of measure for every transaction is a person; which has resulted in focus being on the individual rather than the broader picture. Those days are behind us. The best-performing companies put people data at the heart of their HR decisions. 

While people analytics leaders and those implementing analytics initiatives currently tend to come from outside of HR – from Finance or IT who have an HR mindset or skills – there is still a strong need for HR background in order to understand all the processes, as well as having the soft skills.

Our guest in episode 4 joined Protective Life to help them build data-driven capabilities in their HR dept and take their performance to new levels. Matthew Hamilton is Head of HR Strategy and People Analytics at ProtectiveLife. 

Matthew is a West Point and MIT graduate with over 20 years of experience leading diverse teams in financial services, manufacturing, and the military. He is passionate about building data-driven cultures and helping leaders to uncover human capital insights and ultimately make better people decisions.

Listen to Episode 4 and Learn: 

  • The growing need for a shared language across Human Resources and why is it important for HR to have data-driven and analytical skills
  • Are data analysis skills are more important than ‘traditional’ HR knowledge?
  • Use Case: As Head of HR Strategy and People Analytics at ProtectiveLife, what are the 3 most important metrics Matthew looks at when assessing employee and team performance? 

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