The Learning and Development Efforts Needed to Create an Inclusive Company Culture

The focus of episode 5 is company culture, employee engagement, and giving your employees a voice. Hear examples of companies getting it right when it comes to supporting their employees through the crisis and supporting more open dialogue around equity. Get a researcher’s take on the mechanisms and tech needed to measure employee engagement and L&D efforts at the enterprise level. 

Listen as Russell Robinson, EdD, Founder at Amplified Research & Consulting and Senior Training & Engagement Advisor with The Federal Government, talks with me about the learning and development needs when developing a culture where employees feel valued.

Listen to S1 E5 with Russell Robinson EdD and discover:

  • When it comes to building a more inclusive company culture, what have been some of the biggest challenges facing those in an HR function since the crisis hit and the surge in the BLM movement?
  • The extent of the fragility of employee mental health following the attrition and stress of the pandemic
  • The concept of an ‘employee voice’ and how leaders can ensure their people feel heard
  • The dangers to the employee and the organization when employee silence dominates the workplace culture

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More About Russell Robinson and Amplified

Russell is an experienced Director of Organizational Development with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Employee Engagement, Empowerment, Change Management, and Communications. He is a strong healthcare service professional with a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) focused in Human Organizational Learning from The George Washington University. 

Amplified Research + Consulting, LLC (Amplified) is a firm that focuses on qualitative research and organizational development and learning consulting services. Your expertise is in employee engagement, employee voice and silence, talent management, and change management. Through these constructs, you provide solutions that have positive impacts on worker and organizational outcomes. 

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