Leading Cultural Change: How to Use Data to Back Up Your Leadership Decisions

Our guest this time is Perry Timms, Founder of People and Transformational HR Limited. Perry is the author of the book Transformational HR.

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He has been listed as one of the most influential HR executives by world-renowned organizations and is passionate about changing the world of work.

Perry is also a global TEDx speaker and adviser on the future of work and HR.

Questions Include:

  • Your team is growing fast and, from what we’ve seen on social media, seems to be a happy place to work. What makes for an effective leader?
  • You’ve spoken before about culture change not being a “programmable thing, that you can just upload a new version”. Can you share why corporate cultural overhaul is so difficult to do and why, in many instances, it’s necessary?
  • How can HR play a role in developing a more compassionate and inclusive office environment and company culture?
  • Importance of having a common language between colleagues (and between clients and suppliers)
  • It’s hard to build all the data points HR needs to track all we need to know about candidates and employees. What can HR and leaders learn from the information that companies can gather from customers? How can we apply customer-centric data-powered attraction lessons to the world of work?
  • As we look to wrap up, we like to ask our guests: from a culture and people processes perspective, what does a high-performing company mean to you?

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