We begin 2022 with a new season of the People and Performance Podcast and a look at ways to promote DEI efforts in workplaces across the US and elsewhere.

Bill and Chris are joined this time by Erika Broadwater, President of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) and EATA Manager/COE at Essity.

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Erika has nearly three decades of experience in Human Resources as Head of Talent Acquisition, Recruiting Manager, and Diversity &Inclusion Champion. She is experienced in the global talent workforce, talent mobility, retention, data analytics, recruiting operations, and performance management; supporting all lines of business and client groups. She is also the Employer Attractiveness & Talent Acquisition Leader/COE at Essity.

Erika was listed in the 2021 Human Resource Executive® and HR Technology Conference® Top 100 HR Tech Influencers list, which recognizes individuals impacting the state and future direction of HR technology.

Questions Include:

  • According to an HR Policy Association survey in the Spring of 2021, covering nearly 400 HR leaders representing 11 million employees found that 85% said their organizations expanded inclusion activities and increased C-suite involvement in DE&I since George Floyd’s murder. Seventy percent have started or expanded unconscious bias training, while more than half moved to disaggregate workforce data to provide a better picture of employee demographics. The survey also found DE&I (and belonging) was the main concern for HR leaders, ranking ahead of strategizing for a post-COVID culture. As we begin 2022, what’s really changed in the corporate world and what more needs to be done to improve DEI (DEBI) efforts in the workplace?
  • You’ve obtained at least nine Professional Certifications including a certification as a Diversity & Inclusion trainer. Why is ongoing accredited professional development so important?
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  • The NAAAHR is a big supporter of career coaching. Have you had a career coach or mentor who’s inspired you? If so, what lessons have you taken from them which you try to employ at NAAAHR and Essity?
  • The role of AI in recruiting – AI is helping to find the best candidates based on skills and values but what are the risks associated with the unconscious bias of the tech creators? Can you share any examples of AI-powered tech that’s making a positive impact?
  • As we look to wrap up, we like to ask our guests: from a culture and people processes perspective, what does a high-performing company mean to you?