How AI Can Fill Employee Performance Gaps

How AI Can Fill Employee Performance Gaps

In this episode of the People and Performance Podcast, we consider ways to connect employee performance to company output. Listen too, as we chat about ways AI can fill performance gaps.

Chris and Bill are joined by Kim Tabac, a consultant helping businesses big and small across North America to leverage their number one asset: their people.

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Questions for Kim include:

  • Connecting employee performance to company performance: How did you manage these processes when you were a people leader at companies such as Deloitte and Canadian Tire and what would you say to those that suggest annual performance reviews are a thing of the past?
  • Many companies are trying to streamline processes and reduce headcounts at the moment. What are some ways this can be achieved without damage to the employer brand and overall performance levels?
  • Leveraging the international talent market to fill key roles is one way to keep people costs down. What are some of the benefits and complexities of building a global workforce?

More About Kim Tabac

Kim has over 20 years of experience designing and executing People & Culture strategies for leading organizations across various industries. She is best known for building high-performing teams, designing game-changing employee engagement strategies, developing inclusive work environments, delivering highly valued health & wellness programs, and driving the adoption of innovation and technology to disrupt traditional HR practices.

Throughout her career she has worked at both large enterprises, led the HR team at the largest professional services firm in the world, and was the first Chief People Officer at Canada’s unicorn startup League.