In this People and Performance Podcast, we consider ways to develop leaders so they gain the mindset and tools needed to drive performance and meet company goals.

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Our guest this time is Najeeb Ahmad, founder and Principal of Pennington Human Dynamics, an international organizational effectiveness consulting firm dedicated to improving organizational performance and capability through the power of leaders, teams, and organizational climate change.

Najeeb is an experienced leadership consultant, coach, and leader whose career has spanned over twenty-five years across various industries, business transformations, and geographies.

  • Can you tell us about how your Team Optimization Process© accelerates senior team performance by integrating team and leader assessments with development planning, executive coaching, and real-world application to drive and reinforce new team dynamics and practices?
  • Pennington aims to help leaders embrace and apply a new mindset to performance. Can you explain how this works and why it matters?
  • You presented a session in December 2021 at The Future of Employee Experience (FoEX) called ‘Organizational Climate Change is Real – what’s causing it?’ Tell us about the session and the hoped-for learning outcomes.
  • Your team helps companies to define the quality standards for leaders in the context of their strategy and assess their readiness to deliver. Can you explain how, using the Pennington Leader Spotlight 360© assessment, Leading Indicator©, and other tools, you deliver actionable insights about the capability, motivation, and readiness of current and prospective leaders to excel?
  • From a culture and people processes perspective, what does a high-performing company mean to you?
  • How can listeners learn more about you and Pennington Human Dynamics?

More About Najeeb Ahmad

Najeeb has held senior human resources, talent development, and talent acquisition roles with organizations ranging from 120 employees to more than 50000, from privately-held to Fortune 50, in the energy, financial services, B2B sales and distribution, pharmaceutical, media and advertising, and digital marketing fields. He has worked inside and consulted to organizations around the world to all levels of management from front-line to the C-suite, designing and executing solutions that drive enhanced leader, team, and organizational performance.

Najeeb has an MBA and MA in Middle Eastern Studies degrees from The University of Texas at Austin, and a BA in History from Georgetown University.